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Nils & Emily’s backyard engagement party

Well, I only snapped a few pictures of this beautifully put-together, backyard engagement party. Wish I snapped a few more to show off the works of my talented, Martha Stewart-like friends. I think they could have just hired a minister and called this beautiful, happy couple married! In the last picture, Emily reads out loud a book of stories that everyone collectively contributed to, recounting fun/funny memories of Emily and Nils. Mine was naturally about when I first knew of Emily, which was back in college, in Sharadin Hall. So excited for you, Em! Congrats to you both!

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a little hot heat never “harmed” anyone…

Ok, I admit that my heading is kinda ridiculous, but it’s true, we couldn’t have asked for a hotter day and yet we still got some great shots of this extremely good-looking fam. We just moved quickly and they were all troopers in that heat! But seriously, how cute and happy are the little ones!? I’m guessing it’s got something to do with two parents who are pretty good at lovin’ on them.

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Lindsay & Donavan

16 more weeks till Lindsay and Donavan tie the knot, so it was time to head out and take some engagement pictures of these two before the summer heat is here for good. We started off right, at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants on the boulevard and ordered their favorite drink, margaritas! Perfect way to get loosened up before being in front of the camera. You can tell just by looking at these pictures that they are a happy, fun and in-love couple which equated to a fun and successful time out and about in Kansas City. Stay tuned for a recap of their wedding in October. So excited for you two!

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josie & dan

Josie + Dan = total chemistry. Seriously, just look at these two! They make me smile and it was fun to capture and see their love through my lens. I met Dan through the Kansas City Track club and have been fortunate to have gotten to know him over the past two and a half years and now have gotten to know Josie as well through Dan and the running group. We had a fun time with this engagement session in Old Overland Park, where Josie and Dan first ran into each other three days in a row at Maloney’s bar and a little breakfast place. The story goes, that Dan had come in on a Friday night, sat down at the bar, ordered a beer and pulled out his newspaper. Josie and her sister were right next to Dan and started to give him a hard time about breaking out a newspaper at a bar on a Friday night. The following morning, Josie and her sister went to grab breakfast and once again, run into Dan reading a newspaper with some breakfast. The third day, Josie and her sister went back to Maloney’s and Dan was there again with his friend. It was that third time that was a charm and now these two will be marrying in August and I’m honored that they asked me to also photograph their wedding day and design their wedding and engagement party invitations. Stay tuned for more of these two love birds!

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