Monthly Archives: January 2012

tara, bill and baby makes three

Old neighborhood friends Tara and I were, back when we rocked the neon jellies, constructed forts in the front yard, and bizarrely sang kumbaya while guarding a t-shirt in a game of capture the flag. It’s been ten years since we both graduated from High School and it was our high school reunion that finally gave us a chance to fully catch up on all things. It was no surprise that Tara was expecting, as she cutely arrived with her perfect baby bump. Let me just say, Tara is definitely one of those girls who can pull this whole pregnancy look off and most definitely makes any girl wish that one day when they are pregnant, they’ll look as good as she does. Seriously! So I was so thrilled when she expressed that she’d really like for me to do a maternity session when I came home for Christmas. And so we did and it was so much fun to reconnect, meet her sweet husband, see her parents whom I haven’t seen in a looong time and to do my first maternity session, photographing a childhood friend who’s got such a beautiful mommy glow going on. So glad we could squeeze this in and so very excited for the whole family.

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