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Emily & Nils

Emily and Nils will be tying the knot in September in Emily’s home state of Pennsylvania, but in the meantime, it was time to get out for their engagement pictures before it got any hotter in KC. It was definitely a warm late afternoon/early evening, but it didn’t seem to effect these two and their pictures at all! Emily is glowing in all her beauty and it’s not because of sweat, people; She’s just that gorgeous and oh-so-in-love with her handsome fiance. We took some shots outside of their home and at the park and finished up at their favorite, cute little neighborhood restaurant, Chai Shai nestled in Brookside. They wanted to include some bike shots, since that is one of their favorite things to do with each other, which was a lot of fun. Emily was the only person I kinda knew when I first moved out to KC, almost 7 years ago. She graduated a year ahead of me and was also recruited by Hallmark at the NY Art Director’s club portfolio review. I reached out to her when I flew in from my interview and I’m pretty sure she’s a huge reason why I decided to move here. She drove me around and showed me KC, told me about Hallmark and her experience and the rest is history. Our friendship, even though we hail from the same Alma mater, developed out here, through many happy hours, weekend activities, and Thanksgivings away from home and she will always be part of my KC family that feels like home. I couldn’t be happier for you both and I look forward to traveling back east for what will be a beautiful, memorable wedding.

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