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Baby White

September 20th is the due date for this perfect baby bump, although the doctors wouldn’t be surprised if he or she decides to make their debut a little earlier than original plans. Yes, it will be a surprise, although Jared is routing for a fellow male companion, hence the presence of the blue shoes versus a more gender neutral option. The Whites are preparing for the arrival of their first baby, who also will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family. Needless to say, everyone is much anticipating the arrival of baby White to love on, stare at and of course what all grandparents inherently know how to do, spoil. With each passing day and the humidity continuing to fluctuate, it will be nice to get this show on the road so glowing-mom-to-be, Shannon, can comfortably wear her wedding ring and shoes again. Congrats on almost 9 months you three! Looking forward to meeting baby White!

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