The Sutton Family

This lovely family met up with me on a sunny fall afternoon and on a cooler spring evening when I’m posting this, the sunshiney glow on their hair and faces makes me ready for that warm sun to return any day now. How stinkin’ adorable are this brother and sister? I mean look at that love and adoration they have for each other. Just as any siblings go, I’m sure they have their moments of frustration, nagging, tattle-tales, and the occasional accidental injury incurred by the other (I may be reminiscing of my own childhood relationship with my own older brother), but it’s the little moments of sweetness I was able to catch between these two that warmed my heart and paint the picture of the great friends they will be and the protective brother Jack will be of his little sis. But what’s also apparent, is the love the entire family has for one another and that’s what makes this picture taking gig so much fun and fills me up. I hope that I capture that same feeling I get, for all the families and couples when they look at the images I capture of them.

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