Elizabeth & Zachary

This wedding was the definition of a fiesta, with bright & happy colors, margaritas on the rocks, cold Coronas, tacos, guacamole, laughter, dancing, banjo strummin’, double bass slappin’ and one of the funniest, sweetest and most memorable ceremonies officiated by one of their dear friends. This couple and family knows how to throw a party! Elizabeth from Kansas and Zack from Missouri (note her necklace), wedded in the town they graduated. Elizabeth, a ridiculously talented NYC freelance illustrator and lettering artist, brought out all the creative stops with all the details throughout the day as you can see throughout the pictures. Their stunning cake was designed by one of their friends, given no direction other than the wedding invitation that Elizabeth had designed. Elizabeth’s clarinet teacher from college even played for their special day. The Cider Gallery, which opened its doors for business the night before, was a perfect backdrop for their celebration and I was honored to have been part of their special, big day! Congratulations, Elizabeth and Zack!

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