Heather & Evan

Well if it wasn’t the hottest day this summer, then it was darn near close to it. Yes, Heather and Evan picked a steamy day in KC to get married, but it didn’t stop these two lovebirds from exchanging their vows in front of the fun and intimate audience of all those that are near and dear in their lives. The fun evening began at Ward Parkway bowling alley, where a trolley awaited to escort family and friends to the quaint and cute wedding chapel, The Vow Exchange, in downtown KC. After a lovely ceremony orchestrated by Evan’s brother, the group sipped on some lavender lemonade and champagne and were soon on their way back to the bowling alley to loosen up their ties, slip off their fancy shoes, eat cupcakes and french fries and show off their bowling skills. It was a fun, special, unique and low-key evening for this couple and family to celebrate the beginning of the beautiful life Heather and Evan will share together. Congratulations you guys!

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