Lake Tahoe Ironman & Wedding

Where to even begin with this post. Wow, what a fantastic week with an amazing group of friends this was last September. One that will surely never be forgotten with this crew, who are also known as The Honey Badgers. It is the group of crazies who roped me into doing my first half ironman in Boulder and who have roped me into doing my second this coming fall. After arriving and driving on the steep inclines into Squaw Valley in Tahoe and witnessing thunder-snow for the first time in my life, with AM temps on race day as low as 36 degrees, it was clear that only a honey badger would have the courage to jump into that lake and start such a race. Once you see the start pictures, you’ll see what I mean! Oh, but what an amazing sight. If you aren’t aware of how badass a honey badger truly is, you need to watch this and it will all make sense, hence the reason for the name of this KC Triathlon Club. It goes without saying that when preparing for such a race with people who are also insane and choose to work out for double digit hours, they become really close and cover just about anything and everything that fleets through one’s mind, which is why it’s always a good time when this group of friends gets together. The youngest badger, who competed in his first Ironman, was in the running to qualify for Kona, where the cream of the crop compete in the world championships. He missed it by a matter of seconds. All badgers, some who have raced as many as 6 Ironman races, muscled through what was one of the most difficult courses that Ironman has put on. The climbs and descends and the fluctuating temperatures, made for a very challenging day out there. And if you think what you read isn’t crazy enough, one particular honey badger put on his suit (not his wetsuit), the day after the race to marry his best friend, with all their friends and close family to witness and celebrate such a joyous occasion. Rev. Mark Frady, married these two and really had a lovely service to tie their marriage knot. Sure, everyone was a little tired, sore and not walking so swiftly after a long day, but the couple was thinking ahead and booked a sailing charter for all to relax before their sunset ceremony. Summere, glowed and looked absolutely stunning in her dress and the backdrop of the lake made for the most picturesque ceremony. Going through all the pictures brought back the memories of a fun week. Congratulations friends, especially as you are preparing for the arrival of your baby girl! Looking forward to the fun adventures in store for 2014, Honey Badger family! I love you guys!

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